Who I am

alberto congressoI was born in Bressanone (Italy) in 1963. After about six years, I moved to Ciampino, in the Rome hinterland area, and, at the age of 15, to Sassari (Sardinia), where I am still living.

I took a degree (cum laude) in Chemistry in 1988, and a PhD in Chemical Sciences in 1993. In the same year I became University Researcher and in 2010 Associate Professor of Industrial and Macromolecular Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy of the University of Sassari.

In 2013, I got the National Qualifications as Full Professor in three different areas: Industrial and Applied Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Chemical Basis of Technology Applications. My research interests are mainly focused on the synthesis of advanced polymer materials, including nanocomposites. Namely, above all I was active in the obtainment of aromatic polyamides and, lately, I have been mainly involved in: the development of the frontal polymerization technique; the synthesis and characterization of smart polymer materials (including hydrogels); the obtainment of graphene and other 2D-materials by an easy, non conventional approach that allows obtaining very high nanofiller concentration in various solvents or directly in monomers to be eventually polymerized. Other interests are in the fields of green polymer chemistry, piezoelectric materials, high performance elastomers, 3D-printer polymer materials and technology.

Some pages of this site are about my personal life and my passions, dance above all.
You can also find: a brief description of my main research topics, a list of my publications (pdf files are downloadable) and some highlights about our latest research news.